Safe House Spotlight

Currently there is a significant amount of political turmoil in the country where the Safe House is located. Because of that, we are being particularly careful to keep the location and identities under wraps, but here are some details we can share, so those interested can learn a bit more: 

There are usually between 25 and 35 residents staying at the safe house. They are comprised of young women who have escaped from sex trafficking, as well as children who have been brought to safety in order to prevent them from being sold into the sex trade. 

Many of the residents do not have documentation (birth certificates or resident cards) so they are particularly vulnerable. Those who do have documentation are able to attend school while living at the safe house,  Those who are not documented are home schooled at the safe house. 

Recently we were able to purchase a home outside of the city. The property is large enough to add on a girl’s dorm and a boy’s dorm as well as several additional bathrooms, which is one of our long term goals.